Saturday, December 17, 2005

Your Help Is Needed

Such an incredibly large amount of good music has been made in the last 50 years that for me to sort through it would be impossible. There's alot of bands which I've never really listened to however going by reputations that probably deserve inclusion. This is where YOU come in. Rather than me going through each of these bands one by one to find a best song, I'd really appreciate it people could narrow things down, to say 5 or less good songs which i can then pick from. This way I save time as well YOU, the experts on these bands, ensure the best songs are used. I've put together a quick list of bands from each decade which i could possibly use. The ones i need real help with are in bold and the ones in italic i have some idea on but need a second opinion. Feel free to give recommendations on the regular font bands as well as any bands that aren't there. Any input is welcomed. Here's the list:


The Doors
The Beach Boys
Creedance Clearwater Revival
Forest Gump....
The Animals
Bob Dylan
The Kinks
Jimmy Hendrix
Bee Gees

The Who
The Rolling Stones


Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
John Lennon
Joy Division
Sex Pistols

The Clash
The Specials

Black Sabbath
Deep Purple

Iggy Pop
The Saints


New Order
The Smiths
The Cure
Dead Kennedys
David Bowie

Michael Jackson
Van Halen
Elvis Costello
Talking Heads
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Guns 'N' Roses


Frenzal Rhomb
Eskimo Joe
Rage Against The Machine
Daft Punk
The Prodigy
Pearl Jam

Fat Boy Slim
Flaming Lips


Mars Volta
The Whitlams
The White Stripes
The Vines
The Hives
Modest Mouse
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead....
Queens Of The Stone Age

Do not hesitate!! Post with everything you know. Thankyou all


Frank Sinatra said...

hey bro...i think you can work your way through beatles songs given the members of your family.. i request Cars-Gary Numan for 80s before i forget..and for 90s Quarantined-At the Drive-in is i believe one of the greatest songs i have heard...i dont know exactly why. The pleasant, autumn almanac, victoria and everybody's gonna be happy are good tracks favourite doors tracks are riders on the storm and roadhouse blues...beach boys caroline no, sloop john b and dont talk(put your head...) maybe some donovan would be good (i can see a predicament coming soon)..hey gyp, and season of the witch are good(at the risk of sounding repetitive)...basically lots of stuff is good...i can give more depth int other decades as they arise okay?

Peter said...


But Donovan i was thinking 'get thy bearings' since its so ingrained in my head. But if theres better i'm definitely open to it. Otherwise all sounds good, i wasn't gonna forget cars, this is just a group list remember, not a one hit wonders list. But then again it'll have to be scrutenised seeing as this is a best-of decades not funniest-of decades. But yeah keep the unmentioned bands and one-hit-wonders coming

Anonymous said...

mars volta - "roulette dares (the haunt of)", "cicatriz ESP", "take the veil cerpin taxt", "this apparatus must be unearthed". i pretty much like the de-loused album more than the other(s), not that they're bad or anything. it's just easier to listen to the songs on de-loused individually.

..AYWKUBTTOD - will you smile again for me. the intro is just amazing. i hear they have a drum off sorta thing when they perform that song live..

qotsa - "mexicola", "avon", "the lost art of keeping a secret", "leg of lamb", "you can't quit me baby" and "if only". the self titled and rated r are my fav. albums.. they've got more of a raw feel to it. the above songs are from them. lullabies isn't too bad but qotsa just isn't the same without nick oliveri. and songs for the deaf was just a bit bleh.

radiohead - "true love waits". ignore the corny title, it's just a great song. it's not on any albums i don't think. "electioneering" is just a funky song. "karma police", "climbing up the walls", and "high and dry" are good tracks too. OK computer pretty much owns me. The Bends isn't far behind.

there's a bit of rambling for you, hope it helped you a bit.


Peter said...

rambling is ALWAYS welcomed

thanks for the tips

Betty said...

my weird little friend who's in love with radiohead says these are her fav. songs..
paranoid android, pyramid song, there there, lucky, street spirit.
and for john lennon..
imagine, mother, instant karma, working class hero, happy xmas

now some more..

nirvana.. i reckon..
milk it, drain you, negative creep, aneurysm, radio friendly unit shifter

cave, plug in baby, sober, thoughts of a dying atheist

incubus - i love megalomaniac.
joy division - love will tear us apart
new order - bizzare love triangle!
rage against the machine - fuck the police
dead kennedys - too drunk to fuck
the smiths - this charming man
the clash - rock the casbah, i fought the law
rhcp - otherside.
ac/dc - you! shook me allll night looooong!

some other bands/songs

sneaker pimps - superbug, roll on, loretta young silks
a perfect circle - 3 libras, judith
air - playground love
at the drive-in - too many to name sufhsjkfhd
cave in - inspire, stained silver
desert sessions - crawl home, rickshaw
kyuss - green machine.. actually the whole "blues for the red sun" album is great.
jeff buckley - everything.
massive attack - teardrop
mazzy star - fade into you
pj harvey
the dresden dolls
the organ
the red paintings
yeah yeah yeahs

Peter said...

nice, thankyou

But I hope everyone realises that with 5 songs a week theres no way i can cover EVERY band. That being said I'm gunna be checking out all of these recommendations to see how worthy they are

Mel said...


The Doors- way too hard… sorry can’t help you there I love them all
The Beach Boys
Creedance Clearwater Revival – fortunate son..
Forest Gump.... – Almost famous soundtrack is better … which reminds me, put Tiny Dancer by Elton John in whatever relevant decade !!
The Animals
Bob Dylan – tambourine man.. times they are a changing..
The Kinks –
Jimmy Hendrix
Bee Gees
The Who
The Rolling Stones


Pink Floyd – the wall.. wish you were here.. learning to fly.. sheep
Led Zeppelin – babe I’m gonna leave you.. black dog
Kiss- GROSS. No !!
John Lennon
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control… Love Will Tear Us Apart.. Digital
Sex Pistols – anarchy in the u.k… no fun (even if it’s an iggy and the stoogers cover)… god save the queen..
The Clash – Rock The Casbah… london calling..
The Specials – too much too young … a message to you rudey
AC/DC – NONE omg horrible horrible
Black Sabbath – see above
Deep Purple – see above
Iggy Pop
The Saints


New Order – Temptation!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … blue Monday… bizarre love triangle…
The Smiths – This Charming Man … easily!!! How soon is now… handsome devil… heaven knows im miserable now…
The Cure
Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia.. riot.. too drunk to fuck.. chemical warfare
David Bowie – man who stole the world.. ground control to major tom..
Michael Jackson
Van Halen
Elvis Costello
Talking Heads – Once in a lifetime…
Red Hot Chille Peppers – SOUL TO SQUEEZE!!!! … breaking the girl… road tripping… under the bridge… p.s it’s ‘Chili’
Guns 'N' Roses


Radiohead – talkshow host… creep… fake plastic trees.. high and dry… karma police.. there there
Frenzal Rhomb
Eskimo Joe
Nirvana – lithium… rape me.. smells like teen spirit.. come as you are..
Placebo – Special K prob will go down best… but my fav is Commercial For Levi
Rage Against The Machine – Killing in the names … bulls on parade… guerilla raio
Daft Punk
The Prodigy – breathe… smack my bitch up…
Pearl Jam – BLACK (one of my all time favs)… alive…
Incubus – a certain shade of green… make yourself… stellar… wish you were here… shaft… the warmth… drive…
Fat Boy Slim
Flaming Lips – DO YOU REALIZE??  One of the greatest songs ever


Muse – Plug-in Baby… sunburn… hysteria… time is running out
Mars Volta – The Widow.. Intertiatic E.S.P.
The Whitlams
The White Stripes
The Vines
The Hives
Modest Mouse
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead....
Queens Of The Stone Age – first it giveth … feel good hit of the summer… do it again

Ah, I’m tired now. Hope that helped. I think I stuck to more of their well known songs. I would’ve done every artist if I had energy but I don’t, plus I am sure you know heaps :)

Mel said...

was just pondering... and thought of some pretty big influential bands you may have overlooked (or purposely left out which in that case nevermind)... read on if you're interested!

the smashing pumpkins
death cab for cutie/the postal service
depeche mode
the police
alkaline trio
neutral milk hotel
ben folds five
bright eyes
jeff buckley
elliott smith
foo fighters
happy mondays
the stone roses
jane's addiction
kate bush
fiona apple
nine inch nails
the libertines
lou reed
my bloody valentine
massive attack
moldy peaches
the music
new york dolls
nick drake
the shangri-la's
sonic youth
the strokes
tori amos
aphex twin
dj shadow
the verve
wilco... and on occassion featuring billy bragg (who solo is also awesome)
yeah yeah yeahs
cat power

um, i don't think that helped you shorten your list at all, oops sorry lol ah i'll be quiet now

Peter said...

Thanks thanks thanks - Kiss aren't that bad you know....just ignore the makeup. AC/DC etc. - Not me exactly, but some would argue they are great...... Chili - Yes, youre the second to correct me. As for the list of non-included, it's a little of dont like the, dont know them or didnt have time to list them all. But some that i'd normally include aren't there because i used them in Open Your Eyes. So far I've never repeated a band and was thinking i'd continue this however i may change my mind (i purposely witheld some songs for this purpose) but who knows

Jane said...

bee gees 60s... dont think you can beat 'holiday'
i think bee gees deserve 70s as well for saturday night fever
nirvana - drain you
i know silverchair isn't in italics, but don't neglect diorama stuff... as i know you will

Peter said...

I think you can't go past 'spicks & specks' for Bee Gees. And as for Diorama it'll take alot of convincing for me to choose something of that over something like 'the door' hehe

Jane said...

oh and ratm - wake up, how i could just kill a man

Frank Sinatra said...

some rambling??
if ANY QOTSA songs are to be put in it would have to be between better living through chemistry or i think i lost my headache...i understand you are under some time pressure so i can go easy i guess and that also probably excludes shine on you crazy diamond(parts 1-7) for pink floyd...otherwise comfortably numb is unsurpassable and favourite incubus is acoustic pardon me...but im not that fussed really...the cure-love cats nothing beats it except maybe shooting an arab which is fun to say(id still stick with the former)...climbing up the walls definitely a best of radiohead and paranoid android.

as for bob look for a more upbeat song subterranean homesick blues is good...although well known... i can lend you some of his early albums and work through them it gets a little tiresome im ashamed to say.. i wish i knew the name of that song.. sorry otherwise all along the watchtower is a good song.

i would also like to see some george harrison coming up in the 70s-all things must pass is packed with worthy stuff as is "crackerbox palace"...for a song that is..

working class hero is good john lennon song...meaningful in a biographical sort of sense i like mind games too.

for when the pixies come..dig for fire and bone machine are favourites i would have to say...that is all from me

for the moment

Rock Daze said...

THE BEATLES With A Little Help From My Friends
The Doors Break On Through
The Beach Boys Surfing USA
Cream Sunshine of Your Love
Creedance Clearwater Revival Suzie Q, or Who'll stop the rain
The Animals, House of the Rising, or We gotta get otta this place
Bob Dylan: Highway 61, or suberraenean Homesick Blues
The Kinks, You Really Got Me
Jimmy Hendrix, Vodoo Child (Slight Return)
Bee Gees Spics and specs or staying alive
The Who, Behind Blue Eyes, My generation, I can't explain,
The Rolling Stones, Sympathy For The Devil or paint it black


Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here, Money
Led Zeppelin, Immigrant Song Black Dog

John Lennon, Imagine(duh) How do you sleep?
Joy Division, Love Will Tear us apart
Sex Pistols God Save the queen
Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop
The Clash London Calling
The Specials Ghost Town, or message to Rudy
AC/DC Thundersturck or Highway to hell
Black Sabbath, Iron Man, Children of the Grave,
Deep Purple, Smoke on THe Water or Black Night
Eagles, Desparado
Iggy Pop, I'm Bored, or wildchild
Queen, Bites the dust or fat bottomed girls


Pixies Here come your man
New Order Crystal
The Cure, A forest
Dead Kennedys Holiday in cambodia
David Bowie Space oddity, or man who sold the world
Elvis Costello Pump it up
Talking Heads Burinng down the house, or phsycho killer
Red Hot Chili Peppers, blood sex sugar magic or californication
Guns 'N' Roses, Welcome To Jungle or paradise city


Blur Park life, or song two
Oasis wonderwall
Silverchair in the year 2000
Spiderbait Buy me a pony
Radiohead Paranoid Android
Cake Frank Sinatra
Nirvana Heart Shaped Box
Placebo Pure Morning
Rage Against The Machine Killing In The name
Supergrass Pumpiing on youer stereo
The Prodigy Breath
Pearl Jam Do the Evolution, or Even flow
Incubus Certain shade of green
Fat Boy Slim Prasie


Muse Apocaplyspse please
Mars Volta Inertia ESp
The Whitlams, Blow up the pokies
The White Stripes,Fell in love with a girl or seven nations
The Vines Gettouta way, tv pro or fuck the world
The Hives Hate to say i told u so
Queens Of The Stone Age Go With THe Flow
Wolfmother, Minds Eye

There my good friend the list that u must play empasis on the must)

King amongst men said...

Prodigy = "their law" <---- its their new album, just best singles has ALL the best. (well the dvd does). otherwise breathe, firestarter, smack my bitch, out of space, voodoo people are the best of the 90's. girls, spitfire hits of 00's

Rage Against the Machine = "Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium"
is a live album but pretty much best of. But 'testify, bombtrack, killing in the name, i'm housing, no shelter' are standouts

Fat boy slim = 'weapon of choice,

Beastie Boys must be included hugely prolific band and we all know their work

Chemical brothers - hey boys hey girls, etc

Blur- "parklife, boys and girls, song 2"

You Am I- biggest aussie band in 90s and one of the best i must add, Hourly Daily SUPER ALBUM so anything from it an some of the earlier of course

and as there are no Kiwi bands i noticed i propose Shihad and they have much goodness 'alive' biggest single lately along with all the young fascists

well im spent for now but yes much more wonderful music is out there but requires to much thought for this time of the morning

Frank Sinatra said...

no rennie i disagree... there are no kiwi bands because the best thing to come out of nz was the datsuns and they arent really that good..shihad suck some mighty big bollucks... we dont need to represent each country here...just each decade

if they blow they blow

Peter said...


love cats - meh, i dont much care for it, otherwise decent recommendations


doors - TOUCH ME is the best despite the mass of good songs

beach boys - yeah im contemplating going surfy of pet shoppy

other 60s - sounds good

70's - good except maybe queen and ses p. id go different

Everything else - Looks good, many thanks, shall help me


ive got that prodigy and even my limited knowledge tells me some of the songs sound dodge, though i trust your opinion on them and rage

chemical bros - no.

bboys - unlikely

shihad - i wouldn't go so far as to say they suck but they're just not for me

otherwise thanks