Saturday, December 24, 2005

Podcast feed

I forgot to post up the feed so those of you that use podcasting software should add this feed into . If you're an itunes user, you can get it to automatically download the files by downloading this, then going to the file menu then 'add file' (and of course adding that file). By the way it's incredibly small. PERSONALLY i dont recommend it as in typically apple fashion, it seems to change the tag as well as lose the album art!!


Anonymous said...

peter its amanda i got an ipod for christmas and i wanted to download all your podcasts but i cant follow your instructions properly i think its not doing what it's meant to.. that or i am simple minded, and i dont know how to work itunes or a computer

Peter said...

Hmmmmmwhich podcasts? The Open Your Eyes ones or these new ones?
To download them you can click on the link of each one individually or if you're adventurous you can try doing that itunes thing. I really can't explain to you here how to use your ipod or itunes but if you do get a basic idea i can explain from there. If worst comes to worst i can give you a cd with all of them on there as I've now named and organised them properly so they appear as an album etc. I'll email you if you want more help