Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bigger Better Boy Bands BEATLES (60's)

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Here it is, the first episode, featuring many (not all) of the big bands of the 60's. You would think with such a overtowering presence as The Beatles, it would be hard for anyone else to strive. This is far from the case with so much good music coming out of this decade it's amazing. On this note I get the feeling I'll have to do at least 3 60's episodes to do it any justice. It was hard picking bands for this episode but basically I went with the ones I knew best leaving me more time to get to know the rest. For all all boy bands of a similar genre there is a surprising amount of variety here:

1) Savoy Truffle - The Beatles
To put it simply, this band is the best. It is simply amazing, the amount of good music they produced. I dare say EVERY band today is influenced by these guys in one way or another. The majority of bands manage to come out with a decent first album - this is fair enough as it's usually a result of five or so years of molding themselves. The real test for a band is there second and third albums which test their creative ability in producing more good music in a limited time frame. What makes The Beatles so special is they released 13 albums in the space of 8 years, each full of excellant songs. It simply will never be repeated and EVERYONE should know and like these guys. As you can gather from above it's is impossible to pick just one song as their best. Every time I make a compilation I pick something different and this time I've gone for a song sung and recommended by George Harrison respectively, off their White Album.

2) Touch Me - The Doors
I'd never much listened to these guys but going through their catalogue, I'd have to say they're pretty close to the second best band of the decade. They've got a great variety and a great sound. This song I have known and loved for ages, before I really knew of the band and will always go down as my favourite of theirs

3) Swlabr - Cream
This song makes it in on lyrics alone. They are just so ridiculous. It's also helped by the fact it's a good song. As far as I know, Cream weren't really around for that long but they definitely had an influence on future music, especially their main man Eric Clapton who has gone on to be one of the biggest names in the guitaring world.

4) Surfin' USA - The Beach Boys
These guys were pretty big in their time, pressuring The Beatles with their high-pitched, surf themed music. What's probably less known about them is that there was really one creative genius behind this band, Brian Wilson, the others just sang. In fact the pressure of it all sent him to the brink of insanity. But he managed to write enough good songs to make it rather unpleasant for me to try and choose one. Should I go for one of his easy listening (mindless) surfy songs or one of his more deep and meaningful creations? In the end I chose this, well-known and for good reason

5) My Generation - The Who
Yet another big 60's band. These guys were a bit 'crazier' than some of the others and it would have been great to see Roger Daltry swinging his microphone round which such maniatic skill in person. It's obvious the Channel 9 news team has (had) good music tastes when they picked this for their theme. G-g-great song.

There a bit of volume variation in this episode as they came in at different levels and I couldn't be bothered (or perhaps I don't know how to.....) smooth things out. But yeah its really not that bad


Rock Daze said...

Good picks, I had no issues, great Cream song.

Peter said... many people to please, so many conflicting for a hard (for me) decade

Frank Sinatra said...

all great choices...could not have summarised a decade more precisely

Peter said...

my only hesitation was with Beach Boys who took me forever to decide. It's not that Surfin' USA is a bad song, i just feel i probably did Brian Wilson a diservice, especially since he didn't even write the music for it...hehe......oh well i make it up here...EVERYBODY LISTEN TO BRIAN WILSON'S 'SMILE' AS WELL BEACH BOYS' 'PET SOUNDS' - THIS GUY IS A GREATLY IGNORED AND UNDERRATED SINGER/SONGWRITER... there, i feel better now

jane said...

the guy that cowrote the songs: Heroes And Villains, Do You Like Worms, Cabinessence, Surf's Up, Vegetables, Wonderful
..... van dyke parks, worked as an orchestral arranger on diorama!
some cool trivia