Thursday, April 06, 2006

Festival Of Talent (00's)

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As seems to be happening more often as the weeks go by, this episode has absolutely no theme. These artists have nothing in common other than they made music in the current decade. But of course, in this instance it is a positively good thing. There’s a wide spread of musical styles, everywhere on the globe that matters is represented and there’s a mix of beginning, flourishing and dying bands. What more could one ask for? Grab a refreshingly smooth Vanilla Coke and you’re life will be complete

Bloc Party – Banquet
It’s often the first song you hear that becomes your favourite, whether it’s the best or not. This is the case with Banquet by Bloc Party, everybody’s favourite multicultural band. It took me so long to get into these guys it isn’t funny. I liked this song and a couple others but the album just bored me. Every chance I gave it just resulted in disappointment. Once I stopped trying however, it slowly warmed to me. This song has such a catchy beat I challenge you not to tap along!

The Whitlams – Royal In The Afternoon
Have you felt disappointed when a harmonica solo’s come in? No, no one has, it’s just one of those weird musical facts. The same goes for piano, you rarely hear it done badly and so is a pleasure to hear. The Whitlams, most notably Tim Freeman, have captured this piano-y goodness over the years and made some lovable songs in the process. It’s ironic then that with this intro I’ve gone with a song that doesn’t really centre round the piano, a great song none-the-less.

Modest Mouse – Float On
From the moment of that drum intro you know you’re in for a good time. Modest Mouse aren’t exactly the most accessible band around, with rough vocals and unorthodox melodies however this is an example of what they’re capable of. If you enjoy this I encourage you to explore their earlier stuff but I should warn you, it’s a jungle in there.

Millencolin – Penguins And Polarbears
Not many bands can claim the title of my first live band. Well in fact only one can, and Millencolin is they. Their fast paced, catchy music was perfect for my impressionable young mind and to this day they remain a favourite. Come to think of it, I can’t think of a band that I’ve paid to go see since this that hasn’t been part of a festival. That really is a horrible record, but being the unemployed, underage chap I am, I’ll take all the value I can get. In a months time things won’t have changed either, other than that I’ll have to live with the fact that I legally could have gone and seen that band at the metro last night but was simply to poor. It’s a hard life.

The Arcade Fire – Wake Up
If they used this song to wake people up in the morning then the world would be one active place. The energy they create with their strong voices and grand orchestral backing is simply uplifting, exciting even, no invigorating! I really am beginning to understand why this album was raved about so much around the world. It gets better with every listen. I eagerly await the next instalment and/or a tour of Australia, for I would not hesitate to tap into my precious funds for them.

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