Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Legendary Weirdos (70's)

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It seems that every famous or talented person has something decidedly odd about them. It’s as if the better they get, the weirder they must act. Perhaps it’s their way of standing out from the crowd. To me the seventies seams like a rather bare decade. I covered the punk stuff and most likely will go on and do the metal, but otherwise my mind draws a blank, most of my favourite old time songs are either 60s or 80s. But despite all this, I’ve managed to scrape together this group, a respectable (mostly) group of artists, each of them very much unique and more so talented, even if they are a bit weird.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
Freddie Mercury is so gay!! It’s absolutely hilarious. Not that I find gay people funny, it’s just that watching him strut around on stage in such an outrageous manner, I can’t help but be entertained. Combine this with one of the best voices in history and quality song writing and you have one excellent band. This song is so grand I sometimes skip it in favour of the more standard ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, however this is an injustice I vow never commit to again. The sheer magnitude of it and the variety of styles within make it one of the best songs EVER.

Elton John – Tiny Dancer
Perhaps I should have done a gay episode, as it seams to be the theme going here. But of course that has no bearing on musical talent, if only I could say the same about fashion. For Elton John is renowned for his wacky dress style almost as much as he is for his music. The biggest trademark of all is the novelty giant star glasses which sadly he thought looked good. Back to music, Elton John was THE piano man, with songs ranging from slow love songs to fast pop perfections. This song, Tiny Dancer, I found rather ordinary at first however it has really grown on me and I now see why it’s so popular

KISS – Strutter
For years I knew about KISS and for years I avoided them. By the looks of them they’re music was probably something along the lines of slipknot (unaware that I actually knew a few of they’re songs). Then one day I listened to them, my only response was wow. Wow because it was nothing like I expected and wow because it was actually good. Instant accessibility is always a plus. This experience is probably the reason I like and have chosen this song, for being the first song on the CD, it introduced me to them.

Iggy Pop – The Passenger
Iggy should not be performing any more, he is simply too old. Yet on stage he is just about the most active of the lot. Seeing him on stage was definitely an experience, humping the speakers, kicking cameras, calling twenty people up onto stage, I wanna be your dog! However this song is from a different era, post-Stooges where Iggy shows he is more than just an actor and can make great music.

John Lennon – Mother
To put it simply, John Lennon was one of the biggest, best singer/songwriters of all time. While personally I prefer his Beatles days, he still managed to produce great music right up to his premature death, probably more so than any other Beatle. Song choice was extremely hard here, should I go for the popular yet murder prompting ‘Imagine’, the soothing ‘Real Love’ or any other from his sizeable repertoire? Instead I’ve got for the reasonably unknown ‘Mother’, full of raw emotion and John Lennony goodness

How about that, 4/5 track #1s……..I’m not superstitious……

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