Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mass Murderers (00's)

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They may be common but they’re good! What sets these songs apart is that they have survived popularity and (in my mind) remained good. So often a band becomes so big that they change for the worse, leaving behind the fans that got them started. The other major problem is a song we like becomes so popular and overplayed we no longer like it. We really shouldn’t do this, it’s still the same song, however seeing some idiot liking YOUR song is guaranteed to turn you sour. What makes a good song is when it goes through this process of sourification (I have to make up at least one word per episode) and comes out unaffected. Here is a collection of such songs. Most of the songs I picked are the ones that made the bands big, something I usually don’t do, however in line with this week’s theme I figured it’d be appropriate.

Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand
The critical moment in this song’s career came when some idiot music clip show, So Fresh or something, went round asking people who they’d want to ‘take out’……on a date…..settle down Peter, they don’t know any better, they’re just retarded failed actors doing their job, brainwashing today’s equally retarded youths…..I know who I wanna take out……Anyway this experience didn’t taint the song enough for me to stop liking. I really don’t need to do any explaining of it as pretty much everybody already knows it. To put it simply these guys make songs for girls to dance to….and I like

Hate To Say I Told You So – The Hives
No amount of exposure could ever stop “Howlin” Pelle Almqvist from being the coolest front man ever. “Our lowest level is so high….most bands are left behind” – this guy has the best collection of arrogant quotes. But of course it’s all backed up when they come out in they’re stylish white suits and Pelle jumps round yelling in his funny voice. As you can guess, they’re one of my favourite live bands. Just listening to the energetic vibe of this classic song explains why.

Autumn Shade – The Vines
For some reason I never got into The Vines at the height of their craze. Everybody at school was talking about them yet I never bothered to go out and investigate. By the time I finally did listen (and love) they were releasing their less impressive second album and about to implode. Even though they’re really not a band anymore it’s great to listen to their first album and reminisce. While they’re most renowned for fast-paced, explosive music, I decided to pick a slower song, which they were equally good at producing

Fell In Love With A Girl – The White Stripes
Jack White is undeniably weird. In the context however this is a good thing as it means he is much less likely to conform to public gayness. It definitely hasn’t stopped him and his “sister” (ex-wife) Meg rising to the top in a few short years. Their music, whilst straying a bit in recent years, is typically bare bones rock. They are also renowned for the liking of the colours red, white and black. This song would have to be they’re biggest and to top it off it has a great film clip

Hard To Explain – The Strokes
Back when I was blind to the majority of music (not that long ago) this was the only Strokes song I knew, the ‘song where the guy sings in a slurred voice’. Isn’t it unfortunate then that I saw them with this knowledge alone, when just a few months later I could have enjoyed them SO much more? For I would go on to discover that not only is EVERY one of their songs sung in a slurred voice but they’re pretty much all great. This is off their higherly acclaimed first album, though I like them all


jane said...

i'd have to disagree with franz
i think they came out of sourification affected
i'm struggling to think of a song that has gone through sourification and has ome out unaffected
i can't relate to any of your other choices cos i haven't heard them before or i don't think i have anyway (im currently dling them from you), cept autumn shade, which in my opinion, never went through the sourification process
highly evolved did… every single goddarn movie scene that involved stunt doubles had it playing

Peter said...

you mean get free?

Anonymous said...


Rock Daze said...

They are also all garage rock, (oh yeah!) but true bout take me out, could of gone sour but survived, highly evolved or get free didn't go sour for me cause i got into the vines after the craze, i'm a bit slow like that.

Are you going back to the sixties after this episode and starting again?

Peter said...

i'm going one furthur. Prepare for the 50's! But then yeah, the cycle continues

Frank Sinatra said...

i would have done 2010's cast if i were you...who knows wat it couldve been. but im not and i didnt get in in time to tell you wat is best, so...

i also had a (feeling?)...words seems to have drifted from high capacity mind.. that the vines were working on a third in im pretty sure i heard... maybe off simo?

Rock Daze said...

tis true, apparantly due on april 4th

Peter said...

to all the idiots, ignorant to the true workings of the internet! mwahahaha